Opening Times


11:00 - 23:00

Welcome to the Peruvian kitchen of my mother.
When I started Casa Perú in 1994 in downtown Amsterdam, I only had the recipes of my dear mother to set up the menu.
At home in Peru, as a little girl, I helped my mother preparing dishes with small activities, like stirring the food. Under strict supervision of my mother, of course! Because the preparation of authentic Peruvian food requires a lot of precision.
It is a cuisine rich in history, in which one can taste clear influences of the Mediterranean, Africa and the Far East.
Renowned is my mother’s recipe for ceviche, raw fish marinated in lime juice. Our guests also happily return to get a second taste of tres leches cake and Pisco Sour, the world famous Peruvian cocktail, on which the Margarita is based.
Feel at home in my home. Bienvenido a Casa Peru.
Lili Torres